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Activities: Feeding Los Angeles Skid Row, 7/22/2017, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Support our project.

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Help look after a child and the aging adult in their distress by donating today.
Sponsor a needy child for $35 a month.
Feed a needy child for $25 a month.
Needy children around the world die every day as a result of extreme poverty.
Sponsor the aging in crisis for $45 a month
Feed the aging in crisis for $35 a month.
  Here are a whole lot of practical ways that you can make a difference for children in poverty around the world. Plan a matching gift from your company or organization. Thousands of companies, corporations and foundations, match their employees charitable contributions. One can make contribution through payroll deductions to Feed The Needy Children Inc. All donations are tax deductible.

Food and medical supplies to needy suffering children around the globe - $70
Thousands have died from child abuse.
Most aging individuals in developing countries have no one to depend on for their survival. sponsor the aging in crisis for $40 a month.
Make A Donation Now Sponsor a Child Now Sponsor the Aging in Crisis Now
Why We Do What We Do?
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  The mission of Feed The Needy Children is to work with needy children and the aging adult around the globe to fight against poverty.  
  Your company can change a child's life around the world!  
  You and your organization can help by assisting the needy children around the globe.
Kofi Darko, 10,
He likes school.

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